This section aims to provide answers to frequently asked questions regarding the EA Specialist Program, and how East Africa Tourism Platform can support you as a travel product manager or travel consultant. Incase your question has not be answered in this section, please feel free to contact us on , and we will endeavor to respond as soon as possible.

East Africa Specialist is an online, independent study course. This means that you get to at your time and convenience and all the materials & assessments are accessible online. There are 10 modules in total. For each module, you must complete all required course modules, including a final assessment, with a final pass mark of 80% to become a qualified SA Specialist. Once you’ve become an EA Specialist by completing the mandatory modules, you qualify for You will need 80% to pass the multiple-choice test at the end of each module.
The programme is free. All the study material you will require to pass each module Is available online. You only need access to the internet, time and self-drive.
Your EA Specialist certification is for individuals hence it belongs to you, not your employer. Hence you will move with it to any other part of the organization or employer.
You have three months to complete the all the mandatory modules from the day of registration.
Once you complete the modules, you will receive a certificate confirming that you have successfully completed the EA Specialist programme and your name will be entered into the EA certified specialists on the website giving good visibility making it easy for clients to find you. You will also be entitled to use the name EA Specialist or expert in your marketing materials.
Your acount will be deactivated. However, when you are ready complete the progamme, you can send an email to and your account will be reactivated.
In case you forget your username or password, do not panic. Send an email to and it will be reset within 48 hours.
Yes, under the EA specialist programme, there are several materials provided ti=o support you in you day to day work. Under the Brochure and Gallery tabs, you will find a brochure, videos and images that you can use in promoting East Africa.
Yes, there are periodic destination training programmes that you can participate. Information will be circulate to the EA specialist database.